Parking Design: Introducing Copenhagen’s “Park ‘N’ Play” Garage from JAJA

August 13, 2014

Introducing a new era in parking garage designs, the “Park ‘N’ Play” in Denmark.

About this parking design, JAJA Architects writes:

“With the intention of creating a beautiful public space from what is usually one-function building, JAJA architects are redefining what a parking deck can be. Their recent competition entry for a parking garage in the city of NordhavnCopenhagen is an inviting structure that incorporates green facades and a rooftop playground, making full use of its placement in an up-and-coming urban neighborhood. Read all about the aptly named “Park ‘N’ Play”, after the break.”

Parking Design

According to JAJA, the structure is set in the Århusgadekvarteret neighborhood of .  This historical harbor district is known for its red brick buildings, and to help blend in, the parking garage will be constructed of red-tinted concrete. This design choice lessens its modern aesthetic, making it appear warmer and more friendly. The structural grid of the building will be emphasized, as it fits well with the industrial history of the area.

The project timeline shows 2015 for completion.

Source: JAJA Architects & Arch Daily



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