Urbana Creates Beautiful Experiences

August 9, 2014

When art is experienced it becomes part of a person and if the experience is grand enough it becomes part of the space it occupies. A design firm that specializes in such unique visual experiences is Urbana.

Three of their projects that are beautiful, large-scale and interesting to explore are:

  • May – September
  • Draper
  • Lumenscape

May – September is a parking structure at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was recently completed and fights the previous concept that a,

“Parking structure is as an unappreciated infrastructural typology. This parking structure is now an interactive, synthetic terrain that creates a unique visual experience.”

It is composed of 7000 angled metal panels that carry an east/west color strategy. This, visually, allows it to change depending on speed and direction that people passing by it will see.




Draper is a permanent installation for the Visual Arts Building at Florida State University. It is composed of 100s of stainless steel straps that are over 65 feet high and runs through 5 floors in the building. It offers a unique view at all levels.



Lumenscape is a large-scale art installation at the Solair Building and was commissioned by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. The installation offers a unique environment of undulating light and continuous beauty by

“Textural surfaces and scales that provoke visual and tactile exploration.”



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when you can interact and touch that beauty, it becomes a much more compelling experience to behold.

Resources: Urbana