Organic Skyscraper Made From Trash Grows As Needed

July 14, 2014

‘Organic’ skyscraper made from paper and plastics is modelled on bamboo; it ‘grows’ as new floors are needed and it is set to be the latest addition to the London skyline

Organic skyscraper grows as needed, adding additional floors

A new green skyscraper that ‘grows’ when new floors are needed and would be constructed out of its own rubbish could be built in London.  Taking its inspiration from bamboo scaffolding used in Asia, the structure of the building – being called the Organic Skyscraper – can be extended upwards over time as more floor space is needed.

Each floor is made from an interlaced network of standard size tubes and building materials sourced from waste material produced by the offices – mainly old plastic bottles and recycled paper.  Designer Chartier-Corbasson Architectes believe workers will produce enough paper and plastic to create enough insulated panels needed to clad new floors.

Organic skyscraper facade is modeled after bamboo

Recycling of office paper and plastic provide panels for the building

Recycling plants inside the building will compress the recycling to make them, meaning everything needed will be in-house.  The Paris-based firm believe that in a year a single office worker uses 80 plastic bottles and 75 kg of paper, which can be recycled into one and two insulated panels respectively.

A spokesman said: “We have calculated that in one year, the occupants produce enough to supply a surface of façade like the one they occupy with panels made of paper or compressed plastic bottles.”

Proposed usage of floors would include for office space, a conference centre, coffee shops, a fitness centre, restaurants and an observation deck.

With the huge investment needed to fund a normal skyscraper, Chartier-Corbasson believe ‘growing’ a building as money is injected is a sensible option.

Source: Daily Mail

Renderings: Chartier-Corbasson Architects




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