Time To Come Clean About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

June 4, 2014

We enjoy sharing news about fuels like hydrogen. Some day soon we will learn of a way to enjoy this as a viable and sustainable fuel for the future, but we must step with care. Thanks to Julian at CleanTechnica. He writes, “It is important for any person concerned with environmental protection or simply wishing to avoid being mislead as a consumer, an investor, an editor or a public servant, to be mindful of well funded and extremely widespread misuse of publicly available data regarding Hydrogen production and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles.”

[repostus]Time To Come Clean About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (via Clean Technica)

Critical. Re: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles/Environment. This letter deals with the three fundamental flaws in the promotion of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles that seeks to exploit public concern for the environment and to trigger a profoundly counterproductive…



Glenn Meyers

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