A New Modern Arena Opens in Brazil as Part of Master Plan

May 15, 2014

On a beautiful coast in northeastern Brazil, where traditional structures have taken over the hillsides, a very new and modern building can be seen among the masses.

The building is called the Areno do Morro and is a raw shed-like structure designed to house an indoor athletic field. It is designed as a collaboration project between architects Herzog and de Meuron who partnered with Ameropa, a Swiss fertilizer and grain dealer and a local-to-Brazil organization.

The group created a pro bono (not-for-profit) Master Plan for Mãe Luiza and the first building opened last month on April 9, 2014.

Areno do Morro is built on the former site of an open-air gymnasium and was developed by the Architects with a special light-weight block. The new stadium can accommodate up to 420 spectators.


The stadium “seeks to catalyze development in the community.”

This new structure seems to float among the heavy buildings that have long called Mãe Luiza their home. Herzog and de Meuron have brought a new beauty to this already enchanted land.


Arch Record

The pictures in this article are all from Iwan Baan



Jennifer Shockley

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