Twin Towers Inspired By Mangrove Trees Break Ground In Mumbai

May 13, 2014

Danish design firm 3XN just broke ground on Grove Towers, a LEED-certified commercial and residential tower complex in Mumbai inspired by mangrove trees. At the lower levels the towers braid together with a large commercial complex, while higher levels are dedicated to luxury apartments loaded with energy-saving green features and breathtaking views.

Each apartment in the Grove Towers will have sweeping views of the Indian Ocean to the west and the mangrove forests to the north. It is from these trees that the Grove Towers get their design, and each tower will integrate 2,500 square-meters of vertical gardens to lend a hand in cleaning Mumbai’s polluted air. At 136 meters, or 446 feet tall, the Grove Towers will encompass 38 stories in total and a total of 273 high-end apartments, with solar-shading devices and natural ventilation built into the design.

3XN is aiming for a LEED Gold certification with the Grove Towers, and construction is expected to take about three years before completion. What I like most about this design though is that it reminds residents that humanity try to better integrate itself with nature, and take inspiration from it, instead of to control it. It also integrates many of the necessities of life into a single building, promoting the idea of unique, vertical societies where people can live and work all under one roof.

At least, that’s the ideal.

Source: 3XN



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