Green Roof Symposium This Week in Grand Rapids

March 24, 2014

For those who want to stay abreast of the green roof movement, this week’s symposium on the green roof market taking place in Grand Rapid, Mich. is worth looking into. Part of the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities program, It will be hosted Thursday, March 27 at the Rockford Office Commons in Grand Rapids.

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Green Roof at the Rapid Bus Station, Grand Rapids.
Image by LiveRoof

This information has been provided:

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a city that features many examples of innovative design. In order to provide economic, environmental, and social benefit to its urban landscape while meeting its stormwater management targets, Grand Rapids has embraced green roof technology with many examples arising throughout the city over the past decade.

While the City of Grand Rapids has supported green roofs as a low impact development stormwater management technique, this moment presents an excellent opportunity to support green roofs with legislative policy and incentives. As examples such as Chicago, Washington D.C., and Toronto have shown, supportive green roof policy and incentives can bolster a local green roof industry by guiding building owners, contractors, and designers towards this multi-benefit technology.

The Grand Rapids Green Roof Market Development Symposium will bring together stakeholders from the public, private, and NGO realm to explore how to turn this opportunity into reality. This event will set out a green roof road map for the municipality that takes into account the objectives of these stakeholders.

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 Source: GRHC Education Program



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