Attending to the Land: Smart Building Management

January 21, 2014

Attending to the land should be a builder’s first step. Too often a structure is designed and built without giving adequate consideration to the relationship the final product will have with the landscape on which it has been erected.

The time-consuming task of excavation must first take place so an adequate foundation can be built. This I no small task and generally demands high-end machinery to properly accomplish the work at hand.

panoramic view 2 shutterstock_172099295

Unfortunately, this same set of heavy-duty tools can be utilized for so much more, including water management planning and landscaping tasks.

Water management might include everything from how rainfall and runoffs are utilized to plans for reusing grey water.

Landscaping – sadly one of the last things considered – can orient designs that address everything from privacy and aesthetic challenges to gardening considerations that will come into play down the road.

Instead of building on land just as it is, put the sculptor to work. Create appealing visual delineations with beautifully designed gabion walls or berms. Who knows? A water garden may even be in the works or geothermal heating and cooling system.

Much of this work is best planned for and implemented at the onset of the building project as opposed to being put in place as an afterthought, one usually costs more money than it might have in an earlier stage.

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Photo: Panoramic view of Reine village in Norway from Shutterstock



Glenn Meyers

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