How feasible is a carbon tax?

January 16, 2014

Ask the experts at Portland State University’s Northwest Economic Research Center

As signs of climate change become harder to ignore municipalities around the globe and across the country are evaluating ways to put a price on emissions. One of those options, a carbon tax, is growing in prevalence. As states from Washington to Massachusetts consider how a carbon tax might be deployed within their borders, they’re looking to research done by Portland State University’s Northwest Economic Research Center (NERC).

NERC completed an initial study in 2013 modeling how a tax could be deployed in Oregon and how the revenue could be used to mitigate the economic impact and is in the midst of a more in-depth analysis.

PSU logoNERC offers not one but three specialized carbon tax experts providing a unique viewpoint:

The center’s director, Tom Potiowsky, is the former Oregon State Economist and chair of PSU’s Economics Department. He understands policy and state-level economic activity and impacts from a carbon tax structure.

Jenny Liu, assistant director, is an environmental and transportation economist well versed in the interplay between urban infrastructure and climate change and how it changes when a carbon tax comes into play. She also focuses on the potential equity issues of a carbon tax.

Jeff Renfro, senior economist, is an expert on economic impact analysis and how various industries would be impacted by a climate tax.

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