Three Squared, Inc. Partners with Eric Lloyd Wright and Associates

An architectural dream team based on sustainability and innovation that is also backed by a profound legacy was recently created in Michigan with the merging of Three Squared, Inc. with Eric Lloyd Wright and Associates.

Three Squared, Inc. is a real estate development company that is the North American leader in cargo container construction solutions. Their approach to construction is to incorporate three primary elements, ‘money-savings, efficiency, and time!’ But they also know that there is a fourth element that has dwindled away in modern construction and that element is style.

Most new construction can make all these things nearly impossible. It′s cookie-cutter and slow, not to mention expensive. And it lacks a quality that matters to most people: character and style.

In today′s world, modern construction has become generic and sterile. You choose vinyl or brick. You specify how many rooms. The only story is in how much money you were forced to spend.”

Three Squared, Inc.’s buildings are containers built of high-gauge steel which allows them to take much less time to build and are more energy efficient.

Three Squared buildings provide an elegant balance of simplicity with built in character and personalized style in each wall. Design is only limited by imagination, not expense. Design is seen in Muvbox, a café in a crate in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Muvbox Café in Canada

Eric Lloyd Wright is the grandson and student of Frank Lloyd Wright. He has a portfolio which includes restoration, renovation, new residences and institutional buildings of his own design. His current focus is ‘on the evolution of Organic Architecture and Green Building Design.’

Eric Lloyd Wright Credit W. Cunningham“I am thrilled to join Three Squared and work in a brand new arena that will truly revolutionize the building industry. Given the significant impact this construction approach will have on future generations, our architectural and oversight work with the company will be a distinguished part of my legacy – one that I am especially proud and excited about. This propriety method of construction is the ‘next big thing’ in the U.S. building industry and it will have an enduring impact. I’m delighted to play an integral role in developing residential and commercial properties nationwide and bringing this option to market for the first viable time in our country’s history,” stated Eric, about his company’s merge with Three Squared.

Here is a list of projects to come:

  • The company is slated to build over 1 billion in projects over the next 36 months across the U.S. and internationally.
  • The highly anticipated Detroit Model Center will break ground in January 2014 with completion slated for February 2014.

Model Center Drawing HI

  • The Rosa Parks condo complex—the company’s flagship project—is now “shovel ready” with an approved $603K tax credit.
  • Entering the disaster relief space, the company is providing organizations that are doing disaster relief with necessary support
  • The company launched the patented Cargolinc Systems–a first-of-its-kind proprietary three-step process that provides architects, builders/developers, and private owners with a way to surpass green and sustainable construction and quality standards at a fraction of the cost and time, allowing for higher quality luxury finishes within budget.
  • Multiple patent filings are in process.

The Rosa Parks condo complex is the project that has been approved for buyers and there is $25,000 down payment assistance program available. It is a 20-unit, four-story condominium complex that spans 26,000 square feet and integrates 93 shipping containers. The energy efficient systems include ductless heating and air system, tank-less water heaters, and other amenities that combine to reduce each unit’s energy costs by up to 80%. This project alone is true innovation and sustainability at work in an affordable and much needed environment.

Rosa Parks Front HI

“We are the perfect solution for all types of construction projects,” Leslie Horn, CEO of Three Squared says.  “With the U.S. new construction industry desperate for ways to cut costs without undermining quality, our construction method is an extraordinarily well-positioned solution.”

Partnerships that change and improve the architectural/building fields are always a blessing. Putting together cutting edge technologies with unlimited design abilities is the door opening to an ever expanding, more sustainable field. The joining of Three Squared with Eric Lloyd Wright and Associates is just what the industry needs.

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