Mitsubishi Electric 219 kW Photovoltaic System Installed at Bishamon Calif. Factory

November 21, 2013

Evidence of large clean energy systems continues to grow, like this large Mitsubishi solar PV system at a Bishamon Industries factory in Ontario, California. See the following press announcement.


Mitsubishi Electric, a provider of high quality solar power technology, announced today the installation of a 219 kW photovoltaic (PV) system at Bishamon Industries Corporation’s factory in Ontario, Calif. In addition to reducing its impact on the environment, Bishamon expects to realize a 75 percent reduction in electricity costs by converting its factory to solar energy.

Bishamon, a manufacturer of ergonomic load handling machinery, engaged Tarzana, Calif.-based Sun Integration to install the PV system on the factory’s roof using 975 Mitsubishi Electric solar modules. Sun Integration also custom-designed and built an arched solar parking canopy near the building’s entrance to facilitate the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the future.

The PV system is estimated to supply in excess of 337,930 kWh annually. The clean energy produced over the system’s expected lifespan of 25 years will prevent an estimated 13.1 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the emissions resulting from burning 13,800 barrels of oil. The project was financed in part by the federal business energy investment tax credit and the California Solar Initiative rebate.

“We decided to go solar as part of our company’s 25-year anniversary celebration. Our solar investment reduces our impact on the environment and ensures that we have sustainable, cost-effective energy now and in the future,” said Robert Stone, vice president of operations at Bishamon.

Sevan Varteressian, managing director of Sun Integration, echoed his sentiments. “The highly visible canopy showcases Bishamon’s commitment to renewable energy, protects vehicles from the elements—and with the future installation of charging stations—can fuel electric vehicles.”

Bishamon has undertaken other initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. The company discontinued conventional painting of its products and instead installed an automated powder coat system, which resulted in the elimination of associated paint waste and waste water emissions. In addition, Bishamon recently installed new burners in its powder coat machinery to ensure NOX emissions are well below state and federal levels.

“We’re confident this Mitsubishi Electric PV system will supply Bishamon with decades of sustainable energy, while substantially reducing the company’s energy costs,” said Gina Heng, vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Photovoltaic Division. “We’re pleased we’re able to provide a clean, reliable solution to Bishamon’s energy needs and contribute to the company’s green initiatives.”

Source: Business Wire



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