FilterWatch: Your Energy Efficiency Lookout

Paying the unneeded cost of heating a home in winter is never a welcome expense, especially if it’s a matter of clogged air filters affecting your home’s energy efficiency.  Fortunately, this is a problem that can be addressed with a cost-effective solution called FilterWatch.

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Let’s start with this straightforward benefit: “A simple, effective energy efficiency solution that will save you money.”  Add cleaner air to the list of benefits, especially the air we breathe in and out most days of the week. Then add an HVAC system that can keep you warmer in the winter, or cooler in the summer.

According to the inventors of FilterWatch, “The filter on your heater and A/C helps keep your air clean in your house, but when it gets clogged, it causes your system to work harder than it has to, and less effectively at that.”

In its research, the Department of Energy reports that clean filters can reduce home energy consumption from 5-15 percent. As an HVAC filter gets more clogged, people end up spending more and more on energy. And don’t forget this important but overlooked detail: the dirtier the filter, the more the air quality diminishes – bad news for anybody trying to avoid the wintertime onslaught f colds, or with more serious health-related concerns.

“Most filters are sold with a suggested change date, but there are two main problems with that: first, every house is different, so those suggestions might be right for some people and completely off for others, and in between for everyone else. Several factors determine how quickly your filter will become ineffective including the number of family members, pets, carpet, filter location, susceptibility to allergens, and home location just to name a few. Second, we sometimes forget when we installed a filter, or when the suggested date comes along to change them.”

See this instructional video from John Pollack: FilterWatch

In a post on Sustainablog, we learn John Pollak, the inventor of FilterWatch, after paying $800 electricity bills, decided to learn what made his air conditioner work less efficiently.  He soon learned that a clogged filter was the culprit, a filter that should have been changed much earlier.

Based on John’s detailed research, the FilterWatch was created, a simple device that measures airflow into the filter, eliminating guesswork about when to change the filter.

Pollack estimates this simple device could end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year, though (depending on the price of electricity in your area). He and his partners are currently pre-selling the device through a Kickstarter campaign: they’ve already hit their funding goal for the project, so the product will be produced.

If you’re interested in trying the FilterWatch out, just commit to the funding level for the product/package you’d like to purchase (which should ship early next year).

Your lungs will be happy, as will your pocketbook.

This post was generously sponsored by John Pollock.

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