Commercial Window Coverings: Essential Considerations on How Energy Efficient Coverings Cut Operating Costs

Businesses weighing whether or not to invest in energy efficient commercial window treatments should weigh these fundamental economic considerations when making a decision – which forge a pathway directly to the pocketbook:

  • What are the wintertime energy savings
  • What are the summertime energy savings
  • What is the projected return on investment
  • What are the impacts on productivity, based on aesthetics or environment
Energy efficient window treatments such as blinds are useful for controlling the sun's glare without disrupting the workplace.
Energy efficient window treatments such as blinds are useful for controlling the sun’s glare without disrupting the workplace.

BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS), the world’s largest provider of commercial window coverings,  has grown its business based on providing a line of window covering products that have been designed to address questions like these. The company’s nearly 1,000 consultants have been trained in the management of commercial window covering projects for energy efficiency, from design and consultation to measuring and installation.

Backed by the brand strength of Budget Blinds and Home Franchise Concepts, BBCS has been able to negotiate national programs with their vendors to offer the widest selection at favorable prices, all backed by one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry.

Budget Blinds was founded in 1992 by five young entrepreneurs with a passion for building a unique niche in the home furnishings industry. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to be the largest network of window coverings specialists with nearly 1,000 consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Importantly, BBCS products meet LEED standards, ANSI standards and NFPA 701 standards. We offer energy efficient, sustainable, child-friendly, UV protection, motorized and more product features in our full line of offerings. All are backed by our strong warranty and our dedication to customer service.

According to BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS), installing energy efficient shades today provides commercial offices with three solid reasons to make an upgrade:

  1. Better utilization of energy expenditures for heating
  2. Better utilization of energy expenditures for air-conditioning
  3. Return on investment in reduced energy costs

And, of course, there is always the aesthetic side to calculate.

This post about energy efficient commercial window coverings was sponsored by BB Commercial Solutions. 



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