Looking at Radiant or Underfloor Heating

July 24, 2013

Come wintertime, most people have little trouble locating all the cold spots in the house they want to avoid. That is, unless they happen to have radiant, underfloor heating in place.

According to the Underfloor Trade Store, modern underfloor heating systems are growing in popularity in the UK. Homeowners enjoy low operating costs, low environmental impact and pleasant home temperature.

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Radiant heating systems, as they are often referred to, are not a new concept at all. Similar systems were used many centuries ago by Romans, to heat buildings. A network of small pipes was used to run hot air from a central furnace and heat up the building. The hot floors created a warm air convection which heated up the main living space.

Underfloor heating systems in the UK use either hot water (wet systems) or electric heating units (dry systems). Wet underfloor heating systems use pipes and the water running in the pipes serves as a transferring medium of heat from a central boiler into the floor and onto the living space of the room.

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Here are some of the benefits from using underfloor heating systems:

  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Heating Systems Efficiency
  • Heating Systems Cost Savings
  • Heating Systems Visual Benefits
  • Ease of Control
  • Silence
  • Hygiene

As for the downsides, one common complaint about some underfloor heating systems is the slower heating time compared to other forms of heating – so a room or area can take longer to heat up, depending on the system, though it will also take longer to cool down. Underfloor systems also cost somewhat more than radiator systems.

In terms of sustainable clean heat and even distribution, however, the pros far outweigh the cons.

This post was sponsored by the Underfloor Trade Store.

Photo: Underfloor heating system from Shutterstock