Super Efficient & Reliable Windows From Apex Unveiled

July 6, 2013

One of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing practices is to simply create the most efficient, highest performance, and most reliable (so that they last long) products. Less frequent replacement causes less landfill waste and less pollution from the manufacturing process.

Window replacement via Shutterstock

Window replacement . Image Credit: Ernest R. Prim via Shutterstock

Unfortunately, manufacturers of not only windows but nearly everything else want to sell compromised products at a low price to boost sales, and they keep their “future” technology in their labs for release at a later date, so that they can then get people to spend their money upgrading them. But not all companies do this.

Apex has launched triple-paned windows which it claims have already saved some Central Indiana residents an estimated 465 million BTUs of heat (as the point of insulated glazing/multi-pane windows is to help houses retain heat). That translates into 3 million gallons of heating oil. Apex says the Insignia e2 window series “exceeds current industry standards for energy efficiency and durability.”

“While our competitors are still trying to catch up with our last product, we’ve already improved on it by capitalizing on new technologies and materials,” said Michael Foit, President and Founder of Apex Energy Solutions. “By combining this window with our Apex Master Installer Program, we offer a revolutionary solution that not only serves homeowners better, but also is better for the environment.”

Apex’s Insignia e2 window frames are made entirely from uPVC resins (the “u” means unplasticized, and “PVC” means polyvinyl chloride).

Triple-paned windows save energy during winter by allowing sunlight into rooms. When that sunlight reaches the floor, walls, carpet, furniture, etc, some of it is reflected by them, while the rest is converted into heat that helps to keep the rooms warm.