International Aquaponics Conference: 
Aquaponics and Global Food Security

May 20, 2013

The International Aquaponics Conference: Aquaponics and Global Food Security will bring together individuals having and wanting to have an impact on food quality, security and sustainability using aquaponic methods. Industry experts will share experience and knowledge in a fun and informative conference setting, providing participants a wealth of information on the rapidly growing aquaponics industry.


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June 19-21, 2013, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Learn – about the latest developments in the aquaponics industry.

Share – thoughts and ideas with like-minded, forward-thinking individuals.

Discover – how aquaponics is helping to feed people around the world.

Enjoy – great food, new friends, and an abundance of information on aquaponics.

Experience – aquaponics first-hand on the aquaponic greenhouse tour.

Registration is now open!

Early registration fee is $495/person, until May 15.Regular registration fee is $595/person, after May 15.Student registration fee is $225/person, must be full-time student and provide student ID.

Conference Registration includes first year membership in the International Aquaponics Society.

Need Based Conference Scholarships are available–download Application Form

A credit option is available – get details

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Conference Highlights:

  • The latest in aquaponic technology, methods and applications will be presented.
  • Experts in the aquaponics industry will share information about aquaponics and its varied uses that are feeding people around the world.
  • Applications and uses including commercial, education, mission and integrated systems will be discussed. Issues such as food safety, fish feeds and regulations will be addressed.
  • A Poster Contest will showcase student research in aquaponics. Prizes will be awarded.
  • The Chef’s Demo will feature local chefs who will demonstrate a variety of ways to prepare aquaponically-grown fish and vegetables and conference attendees will get to sample the culinary creations.
  • Attendees will tour a 5,000 square foot aquaponic greenhouse.
  • An evening Wisconsin-style picnic will provide a great opportunity for attendees to socialize while getting to sample some of Wisconsin’s finest local products… cheese, brats (bratwurst) and beverages.
  • The International Aquaponic Society, a UWSP Foundation organization dedicated to aquaponics research and education, will be launched and the first organizational meeting will take place at the conference.

Who Should Attend:

  • Prospective Aquaponic Growers – if you are thinking of getting into aquaponics, attend this conference to learn about how people use aquaponics, where people use aquaponics, and how you can use aquaponics to feed your family, feed a village, or produce a profit in a commercial farming venture.
  • Aquaponic Growers – if you are already an aquaponic grower, this conference will benefit you with new insight into the technology, methods, processes and commercial viability of aquaponics.
  • Educators – if you are an educator, you will quickly learn and understand that aquaponics is a great hands-on learning tool to teach all facets of science, agriculture, engineering, mathematics and much more.
  • Ministers of Agriculture and Government Representatives – if you are a government official and your country is concerned about food security, aquaponics can be a solution. It provides continuous production of fresh fish and vegetables in a sustainable, efficient manner.
  • Regulators – if you make rules related to agriculture, aquaculture, business, health, education or food safety, this conference is a must to understand what aquaponics is, what methods are common and why it is inherently a safe and sustainable method of food production.

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