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Top US Cities with the Most ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings in 2012

An ENERGY STAR certified building meets strict energy performance standards set by EPA and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers. Which US cities perform best in terms of number of certified buildings and annual cost savings?


Top 25 US Cities

  • Los Angeles maintains top position
  • New York has the highest annual cost savings


Circle size represents annual cost savings ($) as a result of having the ENERGY STAR certified buildings.

League Table

Click on the column headings to sort values.

This post was prepared by Dearnleys.

Data included is courtesy of the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

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  • How many of these projects have the now 77% SUSTAINABLE Variable Drive compressors withing successful GeoThermal highest efficiency systems?
    ENERGY STAR ETL Listed and Third Party Rated:

    NOW, to 05 2013, there are rated the FOUR (only 4) GeoThermal Earth-Coupled Heat Pumps OEM’s which are AHRI “raw data” Jan 2013 rated at over 40 EER (not seer) .
    Note: EER’s for real life blended operation is higher with 70% near low speed of the compressors per the ‘balance’ highest hours. Hydro-Temp is in a top 1% approximately and among all “4-Ton” see ETL Link, please, w/Highest Speeds:
    TRANE 40 EER AHRI raw-MAX ~pulling w/WF assistance to get to market
    CM AHRI 40.5 raw (Mitsubishi Compressor)
    WF AHRI 41.0 raw (Danfos) 46kbh (pulled early 2013- another board
    HYDRO-TEMP (AR) EER: 42.1 -AHRI raw data, all exactly tested identically
    and BRISTOL V-Star Hydro-Temp 49kbh within EER of a highest at: 42.1
    Also it IS selling right now within a REAL 2.1/2, 4.0, and 6.0 real Comp-Tons
    Tested 4 ton Hydro-Temp (all) 32 EW minimal Energy Star app’s: AHRI:13256-1 IS now 3rd Party Rated = Fixed bonnet temps, and some more features -patent of 1981 is past; but has a bit more practice and control-ability, in the 100% HW RECOVERY/Reclaim. Hydro-Zone™ is for sending Chilled and HW/ -off F-Air.

  • How many projects are getting 100% On-Demand INSTANT Hot Water Priority off of the compressor full condensing heat as a recovery or heat-reclaim , 100%, with the geothermal Earth-Coupled loop circulators (pumps) off-line, reclaiming all of the Cooling-Mode heat of rejection to a water tank?

    DeSuperheating a little Hot Water Generation (HW generator/DeSuperheator) does about 8000 to 12000 BtuH on some GeoThermal Heat Pumps… but Priority WITH On-Demand INSTANT HW is full condensing like an over-sized exchange(er) -desuperheater :
    This is where the COMPRESSOR is the hot Water heating generator. Completely heating by temperature control and when in Cooling: 100% Recovery of space heating goes to the HW Tank; or a programmable Desuperheating mode is limited in Heating Mode until all other heating is in demand.

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