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87% of Seattle’s Large Buildings Now Tracking & Reporting Energy Use to City

“Seattle’s benchmarking program has helped many building owners who have never tracked energy use before better understand their building’s energy performance. Reporting the information to the city will help us improve and create programs to help owners upgrade their facilities to save energy and money,” said Jill Simmons, Director of the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment.

February 5th

Scientists Turn Toxic By-Product into Biofuel Booster

Scientists studying an enzyme that naturally produces alkanes — long carbon-chain molecules that could be a direct replacement for the hydrocarbons in gasoline — have figured out why the natural reaction typically stops after three to five cycles. Armed with that knowledge, they’ve devised a strategy to keep the reaction going. The biochemical details — worked out at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory and described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the week of February 4, 2013 — renew interest in using the enzyme in bacteria, algae, or plants to produce biofuels that need no further processing.

February 5th

BioFuels Development International Plans To Begin Biodiesel Production In Q3 Of 2013

CB&T will execute a multi-phased approach to reentry into the market, initially restarting production at a 30M gallon per year throughput rate with an expected increase to 75M gallons per year in the next 12 months. Utilizing a combination of domestic and foreign feedstock, primarily taken out of waste streams, CB&T will be a feedstock agnostic supply train driven operation taking advantage of its location on Greens Bayou which connects to the Houston Ship Channel.

February 5th

Other Cleantech & Energy News: 5MW Wind Turbine Obtains Design Certification; President’s Climate Toolbox; Top 10 LED Reflector Lamps…

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February 5th