Top 10 Solar Power Stories Of 2012

Take a look at Zach Shahan’s “Top 10” solar power stories for 2012 that are posted on Clean Technica. It’s a good read; and if you believe he missed something let us know. Happy New Year from Green Building Elements!

[repostus hash=3b7cac8ec9f5d0b01017c7be9d030a94 title=Top+10+Solar+Power+Stories+Of+2012 host=Clean+Technica short=1xOy5 snip=%C2%A0+What+were+the+top+solar+power+stories+of+2012%3F+Here%E2%80%99s+my+list+%E2%80%94+chime+in+below+if+you+think+differently+or+have+anything+to+add.+10.+Giant+US+CSP+power+plants+move+along+as+planned%2C+ready+for+completion+in+2013.+While+we+didn%E2%80%99t+see+any+big+CSP+power+plants+go+online+in+2012%2C+a+lot+of+work%26hellip%3B thumb=3841195 jump=2]

About the Author

Writer, documentary producer, and director. Meyers is a contributor to CleanTechnica, and founder of Green Streets MediaTrain, a communications connection and eLearning hub. As an independent producer, he's been involved in the development, production and distribution of television and distance learning programs for both the education industry and corporate sector. He also is an avid gardener and loves sustainable innovation.
  • Daniel Ferra

    We don’t even take into account the tremendous health cost to us and our planet, when we burn oil, coal, and natural gas, which would make them more expensive than Solar or Wind. We need a National Feed in Tariff, for Solar and Wind, with laws that level the playing field, this petition starts with homeowners in California. Japan, Germany, and our state of Hawaii, will pay residents between 21- 54 cents per kilowatt hour, here in California they will pay us 5 cents per kilowatt hour, and they wont let us oversize our Solar systems, want to change our Feed in Tariff? Campaign to allow Californian residents to sell electricity obtained by renewable energy for a fair pro-business market price. Will you read, sign, and share this petition?

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