Eco-Friendly Home-Improvements: Britain to Show the World How it’s Done!!

December 6, 2012

People often over-spend on energy bills for years without realising how much money they could be saving from making a few staple improvements to their homes. The UK government has acknowledged this and decided to take a major move in the right direction in helping people stop their houses from draining their bank accounts and energy resources.

This flagship initiative is really set to grip Britain in a house-renovating, environment-saving, bill-reducing frenzy. Its name: The Green Deal. A shocking amount of carbon emissions are constantly being released into the atmosphere, which is extremely harmful to the environment. Some seemingly small changes to properties can make all the difference in reducing these emissions. For example, one study has shown that over a 20 year period carbon emissions could be reduced by a huge 22 tonnes from one standard semi-detached household having A-rated double glazing installed.

The Green Deal proposes to make all of these home improvements financially viable for home owners across the UK. Four ways to make your home instantly more energy efficient are:

  • Having a new, efficient boiler installed
  • Having double glazing installed
  • Having your house insulated or re-insulated
  • Having solar panels installed

In the UK, the Green Deal will cover all of these measures, according to each individual property’s needs. An accredited Green Deal assessor will first visit the property and survey it to see where its inefficiencies lay, and then Green Deal installers will carry out the necessary procedures. The Green Deal is unique because it makes all of this financially viable. The average cost of having a boiler replaced is around £2,300; an upfront cost that not many can afford. Green Deal financing means that the cost of these improvements will be added onto property owners’ energy bills. But… this will never cost any more than the money they save one energy bills, leaving them no worse off. They could even stand to make some significant savings.

The Green Deal is the perfect chance for people in Britain to embrace all of the changes their properties need, without breaking the bank. As the energy wasting taking place across the globe continues to threaten the environment, it seems the UK could be setting a shining example for the direction things should be taken in when it comes to getting those carbon emissions reduced.

The Green Deal Hub provides information on the UK government’s new home improvement scheme, which aims to make properties more environmentally friendly and reduce property owners’ bill-spending.