Expanded Availability Announced for DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles

December 4, 2012

Expansion includes East Coast markets, Louisiana, Michigan

The Dow Chemical Company has released good news for solar shingle enthusiasts today.

The company will expand availability of its solar shingle line, a residential roofing system that protects homes like standard shingles that contain embedded solar cells.

To date, the Michigan-based company has been piloting the POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle in Colorado, Northern California and Central Texas. it is now launching a major expansion in the states of New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, D.C., Louisiana and Michigan.

“We’re expanding availability in strategically chosen markets where there is strong interest, where electricity costs are high, and where the market is already supporting solar through legislation and incentives,” said Mauro Gregorio, president, Dow Energy Solutions, in a press announcement. “These markets have motivated homeowners who are interested in finding ways to bring down their energy costs.”

Dow reports that POWERHOUSE is offered through a network of professional roofing contractors who are authorized dealers. For homeowners needing a new roof, POWERHOUSE provides a replacement option that pays for itself, generates revenue through energy offset, and adds to the value of the home.

A complete listing of authorized POWERHOUSE dealers and communities can be found on Dow’s Powerhouse website.

Source: Business Wire 

Photo: Dow



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