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Top 10 Solar Power Stories Of 2012

Take a look at Zach Shahan’s “Top 10” solar power stories for 2012 that are posted on Clean Technica. It’s a good read; and if you believe he missed something let us know. Happy New Year from Green Building Elements! [repostus hash=3b7cac8ec9f5d0b01017c7be9d030a94 title=Top+10+Solar+Power+Stories+Of+2012 host=Clean+Technica short=1xOy5 snip=%C2%A0+What+were+the+top+solar+power+stories+of+2012%3F+Here%E2%80%99s+my+list+%E2%80%94+chime+in+below+if+you+think+differently+or+have+anything+to+add.+10.+Giant+US+CSP+power+plants+move+along+as+planned%2C+ready+for+completion+in+2013.+While+we+didn%E2%80%99t+see+any+big+CSP+power+plants+go+online+in+2012%2C+a+lot+of+work%26hellip%3B thumb=3841195 jump=2]

December 31st

CSIRO to Lead New Solar Thermal Research Initiative

[repostus hash=eca9cb7c6e186781fda5afbe40bc722c title=CSIRO+To+Lead+New+Solar+Thermal+Research+Initiative host=Clean+Technica short=1xwx8 snip=%C2%A0+The+Australian+Government+announced+last+week+that+CSIRO+would+be+leading+a+new+solar+research+initiative+worth+over+%2487+million+AUD%2C+an+initiative+which+aims+to+lower+the+cost+of+solar+thermal+power+from+25+cents+a+kilowatt+hour+down+to+10+cents%2FkWh.+CSIRO+is+set+to+partner+with+six+Australian%26hellip%3B thumb=3773171 jump=2]

December 26th

Concentrating Solar Power With Thermal Energy Storage Is Economically Useful For Utility Company Profits, Study Finds

For those wanting to understand more about concentrating solar power (CSP) this post from Nathan at Clean Technica will provide some good background information. [repostus hash=cdeb217d8d79244777aeb4dca4ac9830 title=Concentrating+Solar+Power+With+Thermal+Energy+Storage+Is+Economically+Useful+For+Utility+Company+Profits%2C+Study+Finds host=Clean+Technica short=1xC9z snip=%C2%A0+Utility+companies+can+benefit+considerably+from+the+utilization+of+concentrating+solar+power+%28CSP%29+and+available+energy+storage+methods%2C+a+new+study+from+the+US+Department+of+Energy%E2%80%99s+National+Renewable+Energy+Laboratory+%28NREL%29+has+found.+A+CSP+that+possesses+a+6-hour+storage+capacity+works+well%26hellip%3B thumb=3794449 jump=2]

December 26th

California Sets Record for Winter Solar Generation

[repostus] California Sets New Record For Winter Solar Power Generation (via Clean Technica)   California just recently passed the milestone of 1 GW of solar power production (in August). And now it has just surpassed another milestone — it nearly reached that peak August generation level during the week of the Winter Solstice, which is […]

December 24th

Holiday Reflections On Living Smaller, Living Lighter

Observing the obsessions of most people during this season that seems to revolve almost exclusively around consumption, the simple ideas of living smaller and living lighter on our environment might appear almost sacrilegious. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a local big-box retailer to pick up a couple of modest items. This is […]

December 22nd

Guest Post: What to Know About Low Energy and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs tend to be a lot more energy efficient as they do not produce excess waste heat. They consume only one fifth of the electricity, which means that they are 400 percent more efficient. There probably isn’t another way you can save and improve on energy efficiency to this extent. Shades and light fittings will last for longer due to the significantly smaller amount of heat they produce.

December 21st

Looking at Sustainable Products: Paper Waste Used To Make Bricks in Spain

Researchers at the University of Jaen (Spain) have mixed waste from the paper industry with ceramic material used in the construction industry. The result is a brick that has low thermal conductivity meaning it acts as a good insulator. However, its mechanical resistance still requires improvement. “The use of paper industry waste could bring about […]

December 20th