Treehouses All Grown Up in Stunning Architectural Designs

Some of the best, most inspiring modern architectural designs that work with nature also are a remarkable play on childhood fantasies. An earlier article by Glenn Meyers discussed floating homes. Other articles discuss different uses for materials used to make homes like trees as the replacement for rubber.

This article highlights the use of trees in architectural brilliance as tree houses. Three different beautiful buildings are

  • The conference center
  • The Redwoods Treehouse
  • The Wilkinson Residence
The conference center
Hechtel-Eksel Conference Room
Hechtel-Eksel’s stair/skylight

The conference center was designed by German architects, Baumraum Architects in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium as a group commissioned project for four companies. The companies are Sappi, The Flemish Forest & Nature Agency, Hechtel-Eksel and Proximity.

The Redwoods Treehouse
Walkway to Redwoods Treehouse
Day photo of Redwoods Treehouse
Redwoods Interior

The Redwoods Treehouse was originally part of the marketing campaign for the Yellow Pages but now it has become a permanent diner in Auckland, New Zealand. It is built ten meters (33 feet) above the ground in the trees. It was designed by Pacific Environment Architects.

Wilkinson Residence
Wilkinson Interior

The Wilkinson Residence built for owner Roy Wilkinson by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz in Portland, Oregon is designed to be almost inseparable from its surrounding.

The materials of all the buildings are sustainable but the images that they present are magical.

This is just a short introductory to three amazingly sustainable, imaginary-brought-to-life buildings that show how beautiful, nature-inspired places can be.

Resources: PlanetSave, GizMag and Floating Home Not Treehouse

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