Man Candles

November 14, 2012

“Why can’t someone make candles with scents that everyone likes?”

That was the question that 13-year-old entrepreneur Hart Main asked after smelling some particularly noxious candles that his sister was selling for a school fundraiser.

That simple question led the youngster to develop his line of Man Candles–a remarkable product that combines social responsibility with healthier ingredients, repurposed materials, and manufactured in Ohio.

That’s right, this is a real-life consumer good that doesn’t come from China.

Hart donates cans of soup to local soup kitchens, then takes the empty soup cans to repurpose as holders for his line of man-friendly scented soy and vegetable wax candles.

Soy and vegetable wax candles, along with beeswax candles, produce less toxic smoke compared to the more common chemical-laden petroleum varieties sold in most stores.

Hart’s candles come in such scents as fresh cut grass, sawdust, campfire, pizza, coffee, and dirt.

The product line is currently sold through e-retailer Uncommon Goods.

About the Author:

David Arthur is a LEED-AP, Green Building Consultant, and a fan of all things sustainable. He is a writer at



David Arthur

David holds a Masters of Science degree, is a USGBC LEED-AP, Green Building Consultant, and Energy Auditor. In addition, David holds professional certifications in green building and construction management.