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Guest Post: Different Types of Harnesses to Prevent Falling Accidents

Safety is a topic that can never be covered enough. For all of those people who have stood at the top of an extension ladder, on a roof’s edge, or participated in setting floor joists or roof rafters, there is nothing quite like being armed with the right equipment in case of an accident. This is true whether you’re 6 feet off the ground, or 100 feet. Guest writer Eric Blair provides GBE with me useful information concerning safety harnesses and rigging.

November 12th

More Bang for the Biofuel Buck

A fermentation technique once used to make cordite, the explosive propellant that replaced gunpowder in bullets and artillery shells, may find an important new use in the production of advanced biofuels. With the addition of a metal catalyst, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have shown that the production of acetone, butanol and ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass could be selectively upgraded to the high volume production of gasoline, diesel or jet fuel.

November 12th

Guest Post: Tips to Keep Your Backyard Eco-Friendly

By now we should all be aware of the fact that going green need not cost more or reduce your standard of living. Being good to the environment means being good to ourselves, yet many people who are quite eco conscience inside the house fail to realize that the backyard is an area where your […]

November 12th