Daily Archives:November 6, 2012

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Guest Infographic: Social Media’s Negative Impact on Workplace Productivity

Kayla Evans recently wrote to GBE, presenting this infographic: “How Social Media is Destroying Productivity.” She concluded, “If you like it and think it’s a fit, I would love for you to share it.” Initially believed a subject like this was pretty far-afield from the expectations of our readership. I reconsidered this notion, however, especially when considering the […]

November 6th

Guest Post: Green Tech for Your Home

The word green has become synonymous with intelligent decision and design; something that identifies you with caring about the environment. What’s interesting is when we combine green with technology. Ways we can conserve, improve, salvage and enjoy our surroundings, while making life a little easier and maybe a tad more fun.

November 6th

Where Do Recycled Phones Go?

For those wondering about the end destination for some of our electronic waste — phones, for instance — this post from Clean Technica provides some information. [repostus] Where Does Your Recycled Phone End Up? (via Clean Technica)   Technology develops at a rapid rate and we are constantly updating the devices that we use, but […]

November 6th