Daily Archives:November 5, 2012

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Biofuel Breakthrough: Quick Cook Method Turns Algae into Oil

To make their one-minute biocrude, Savage and Julia Faeth, a doctoral student in Savage’s lab, filled a steel pipe connector with 1.5 milliliters of wet algae, capped it and plunged it into 1,100-degree Fahrenheit sand. The small volume ensured that the algae was heated through, but with only a minute to warm up, the algae’s temperature should have just grazed the 550-degree mark before the team pulled the reactor back out.

November 5th

SWITCH’s New LED Replacement to Incandescent Light Bulbs

SWITCH was the maker of the first LED replacement bulb for incandescent light bulbs. Previously, you have been able to get the SWITCH60 which is the equivalent bulb to a 60-watt incandescent. But beginning this month you will now be able to purchase the SWITCH40 and SWITCH75. There will also be available the SWITCH100.

November 5th

Guest Post: 4 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

The frigid temperatures, falling snow and fierce winds of the season can cause all sorts of mishaps to visit your dwelling, from a persistent draft to a near-biblical flood. Consequently, many homeowners should start preparing their homes to face this year’s frost well before the snow starts falling. By doing just a little work now, you can save yourself and your house a lot of grief later.

November 5th