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Solar News Link Love

For those people wanting to stay current on solar new, this post from Zach Shahan at Clean Technica is quite helpful on the information front. Solar panels on the water from Shutterstock [repostus hash=abea7ac0a86e4e01be72da7abc7de285 title=Solar+News+Link+Love host=Clean+Technica short=1qTVQ snip=%C2%A0+Here%E2%80%99s+some+more+solar+news+and+commentary+from+around+the+interwebs+from+the+past+week+or+so%3A+%3A+%E2%80%9CUpsolar+yesterday+unveiled+that+it+has+created+new+%E2%80%9Csmart+modules%E2%80%9D+with+the+help+of%C2%A0Tigo+Energy.+Reportedly%2C+these+are+the+first+smart+modules+to+be%C2%A0certified+by+T%C3%9CV+Rheinland+PTL+for+Europe%26hellip%3B thumb=3114140 jump=4]

October 25th

PV Evolution Labs Partners with AlsoEnergy to Provide Data Monitoring for Solar Panel Testing at PVUSA

PVEL’s PVUSA test center was one of North America’s first solar power plants and has a deep history in the US solar industry. Initially developed by PG&E to study the impact of high penetration solar on the electrical grid, the California Energy Commission’s internationally recognized PTC rating was developed at the PVUSA site. Due to PVUSA’s unique research status, PVEL’s testing program can accommodate non-UL listed products and prototypes – an opportunity seized by many of North America’s premier module and inverter manufacturers.

October 25th