Visiting the Fabulous Collection of Doctor Renewables

October 9, 2012

I received a Twitter feed this week from Francis Rousseau who asked that I check out his website on renewables.

What an incredible find!

This treasure trove of information on renewables features a remarkable video library of technical and scientific demos addressing a wide range of subject matter. Rousseau cache presently houses more than 300 topics, from interviews to demonstrations. The website states that a new video is added daily — a remarkable undertaking.

For anyone interested in the field, this is a good place to begin learning. Topics are incredibly diverse, ranging from NASA and algae to ecotourism to a history of renewables. A site search engine will assist  users who browse through this library and short overviews help in understanding what subjects are presented in both English and French.

Here is a snapshot of some content:

  • The History of Wind Power
  • Eco-Tourism in Bolivia
  • Anholt Wind Farm Project
  • Drakoo Wave Energy Converter by Hann-Ocean
  • Agua Caliente 2 : World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

This is just to whet the appetite. Remember, there are more than 300 entries.  Take a look and share your thoughts and discoveries.

Francis Rousseau, journalist Photo:



Glenn Meyers

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