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San Francisco’s HOPE SF Renovates Libraries and Public Buildings in 10-Year Plan with Solar Technologies

Currently, as part of HOPE SF, the Bayview/Hunters Point Revitalization Program is underway. It began more than a decade ago with a ten-year plan devised between San Francisco’s Public Library and the Department of Public Works. It is a multi-million dollar plan to renovate every branch of the library in the city and is called the Branch Library Improvement Program.

October 4th

The Kill A Watt Energy Meter: A green gadget lover’s dream

The Kill A Watt Energy Meter is a simple and remarkably useful device for revealing how much appliances are costing you to operate. A few experiments with one of these meters have saved me hundreds of dollars in energy waste and hundreds more in unnecessary appliance upgrades that I probably otherwise would have made. A […]

October 4th

New 44 MW Project By Solartron Is Largest In South Asia, Offset 800,000 Tons Of Carbon Over 25 Years

This overseas solar energy news comes from Planetsave. Thanks, Nathan. [repostus hash=ac0a2e4f822e9ead08b2ec35e8d7a619 title=New+44+MW+Project+By+Solartron+Is+Largest+In+South+Asia%2C+Offset+800%2C000+Tons+Of+Carbon+Over+25+Years host=Planetsave short=1oIeK snip=%C2%A0+The+world%E2%80%99s+largest+producer+of+solar+panels%2C+Power+Holdings+Co.%2C+recently+announced+that+the+largest+silicon+photovoltaic+power+plant+in+South+Asia%2C+%E2%80%98Sunny+Bangchak%E2%80%99%2C+achieved+grid+connection+on+September+4%2C+2012.+The+44-megawatt+project+is+located+in+Bang+Pa-In%2C+Ayutthaya%2C+40+kilometers%26hellip%3B thumb=2977800 jump=1]

October 4th

Le Belvédère: Targets to be North America’s Largest Passive House

Passive houses, when designed correctly, represent sustainable works of distinction. That appears to be the case with Le Belvédère Special Events Center in Wakefield, Quebec. Homesol, an energy design company and energy evaluator, is targeting passive house certification. Here’s why: With capacity for 150 dinner guests, the high-ceiling 8,000 square foot facility has an interior volume of 150,000 cubic […]

October 4th

Tankless Water Heaters Made Simple

The new NPE Series greatly reduces time and labor for a typical tankless retrofit by utilizing existing gas lines and existing flue chases. In fact, this new technology allows installation time to be reduced by half compared to other tankless water heaters. All these technical advances make the Navien NPE tankless series ideal for tank water heater replacement.

October 4th