Try VNC Wood Finishes That Are Made without Toxic Chemicals

September 25, 2012

For all homeowners and designers, architects and contractors who want to expand their green repertoire, it’s high time to get familiar with Vermont Natural Coatings (VNC), a manufacturer of naturally derived PolyWhey wood finishes. They don’t contain a lengthy laundry list of toxic chemicals, they cure quickly, and look beautiful when finished.

This sustainable product is now has wood floors on display at the Samuel Freeman Gallery in Los Angeles.  “We’re extraordinarily pleased with the way the beauty of the wood floors was enhanced and preserved with Vermont Natural Coatings,” said Samuel Freeman in a press announcement. “The gallery is all about environment on so many levels and we’re certainly fortunate to have found an environmentally safe, high performance product that meets our very demanding standards.”

Sam Freeman Gallery in Los Angeles

Vermont Natural Coatings describes itself as an environmentally sustainable business producing “naturally derived wood finishes without any toxic chemicals.”
Its patented ingredient, PolyWhey, incorporates whey proteins, which are a byproduct of cheese making. PolyWhey began as collaboration among farmers, furniture makers and scientists at the University of Vermont to expand the value of Vermont agricultural and forestry industries. Vermont Natural Coatings manufactures floor, furniture and exterior wood finishes that have been named a Top 10 Building Product and heralded as a durable finishes meeting the highest environmental and professional standards.

The company also stands behind its belief in safety.   It recently separated from its industry allies to support a California Supreme Court decision upholding stringent air quality safety regulations for coatings, including wood finishes. The ruling confirms the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s authority to enact future air quality rules on architectural and industrial coatings even if technology doesn’t currently exist to meet those standards.

Importantly, Vermont Natural Coatings finishes meet or fall below VOC limits in all 50 states and Canada. The company’s website features a number of case studies that are worth reading.

Source: Vermont Natural Coatings

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