Three Affordable Energy Management Apps Your Business Should Know About Now

September 20, 2012

Ashley Halligan, an Austin-based analyst, shared another commercial sustainability piece with me this week outlining three energy management applications that are inexpensive and accessible by any organization. New technologies are being designed to meet the increased demands stemming from new benchmark reporting laws, organizational efforts to reduce consumption, and an overall emphasis on meeting ambitious environmental performance goals.

That said, technologies don’t have to be a hefty investment for a company. In fact, some standalone applications are downright cheap.

Melon Power, for example, costs $500 per building and calculates an ENERGY STAR score and reports the results to EPA’s Portfolio Manager–which is becoming law in some states.


ecoInsight Mobile Audit for iPad, on the other hand, is a free application allowing building operators to complete an energy audit of their building’s performance–then after analyzing the submitted data on ecoInsight’s website, suggests energy upgrades.

Measuring a completely different component of environmental impact is HVAC ASHRAE 62.1-2010–which determines indoor air quality and whether a building is operating in its minimum ventilation range.


These applications represent just a handful of apps on the market–and demonstrate that any organization can begin an energy audit effort or consumption reduction initiative.

Read more about these apps at Halligan’s original article.