bSolar Introduces High-Efficiency Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells and Modules in the US

September 11, 2012

bSolar will be exhibiting at SPI 2012 in the Israeli Pavilion

bSolar announces the US launch of its high-power, high-efficiency, bifacial, photovoltaic (PV), crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. Bifacial modules collect sunlight on their rear sides to generate 10%-30% additional electricity and much higher project IRR and ROI.

Following recent success in Germany and Japan, where it won an 830 KWh project, bSolar will showcase its products at SPI 2012. bSolar is working with American solar market leaders to promote and distribute its German-produced bifacial modules. The new modules will be among the few solutions compatible with the “cool roof” initiative promoted by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu, and are eligible for tax rebates for roof coating at both state- and federal-level.

Bifacial cells collect sunlight by both front and rear surfaces, generating additional electricity from direct sun light entering the module’s rear-side as well as from direct and diffuse light reflected from the ground. By utilizing both sides of the module, bSolar’s cells and modules generate significantly more power per installed area, compared to monofacial standard modules, resulting in a 10%-30% higher energy yield (kWh per KWp) in standard applications, and up to 50% higher energy yield in vertical installations and a total module power of 265-320 Wp equivalent (for 60 cell module).

“We feel very positive about the American market and plan to invest in it aggressively,” commented Yossi Kofman, bSolar’s CEO. “We see our products as a game changer in the financial modeling of solar projects in general, and in highly reflective Energy flat roofs in particular.”

Source: Business Wire

Photo: bSolar