UK Blogger Kevin Langan Plans to Build 100 Huts Exclusively From Natural Materials

August 27, 2012

This information comes from a post on Inhabitat where we learn thaUK blogger Kevin Langan has set a goal of building 100 survival shelters solely from natural resources. He reports that after experimenting with different materials and configurations, he will sleep in each temporary home for one night. Following that, he will blog about his experiences.

Morgana Matus writes on Inhabitat: “Inspired by huts, roundhouses, and prehistoric settlements, Langan has already constructed four habitations throughout Scotland. Using only a small wooden hatchet and the materials from his chosen locations, he hopes to inspire fellow outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers to follow in his footsteps.”

“Kevin Langan is not fully content with his warm, central-heated family home in Glasgow, Scotland.  To reconnect with nature and test his comfort level, he has decided to fashion 100 huts from natural resources, wielding only a hatchet and a general idea of where he wants to build a shelter.  Says Langan about the project,

“I know that this challenge will be excruciatingly hard and that there is a small chance I’ll regret this eccentric idea in the depths of some cold night and want to give up. It may take me years to complete – but I’d rather challenge myself than just exist, I’d rather feel anything than feel nothing.  In all honesty I want to feel afraid; I want to abandon the sanitized sterility of urban life and find a true type of contentment down amongst the moss and mud. I want to experience the fear of being alone on a cold, dark wet winter’s night. I want to learn how to feel comfortable resting beside worms, biting insects, scurrying rodents, noisy birds or if I’m lucky – an inquisitive fox.”

Langan says he will continue to take photos and write about his endeavors through his blog, 100 Wild Huts.

We wish him the best on this adventure.

Photo: Inhabitat



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