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Published on July 31st, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers


Letter Concerning Community Solar Gardens

Mail like this concerning community owned solar gardens from an Australia-based solar power concern, Gold Coast Energy, is always great to receive:

Solar gardens are unique and wonderful ideas. Imagine having five families share the electricity generated by the solar panels, that is how powerful and great solar energy is. It can light up the house of five families at the same time, and it is a true product of engineering and science. Having solar gardens is a fine idea to limit the number of CO2 emissions, it allows less fortunate families to be able to utilize the renewable source of energy and to help in the environment too. Eliminating climate change is not just something out of a magic trick box. It takes hard work, dedication and passion to completely eradicate the problems we are facing that are contributing to Global warming. One step at a time is what we should do, and starting with the community is a wonderful idea, and then once we become used to it, we will be able to use this same form in other places, making the world a better place.

This is my first time hearing and reading about this, but I have without a hint of doubt that this will be successful once it is implemented. Truly, the realm of solar technology is dynamic. If this is implemented, I will be one of its loyal advocates.



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