Going Green Expands with Abundance of Smaller Solar Energy Products

July 17, 2012

Are you interested in solar energy but aren’t quite ready to install solar panels on your home?  It’s okay!  There are other ways to learn about and utilize solar power without making a huge investment in something as large as solar panels to power your home.

The JOOS Orange personal solar charger, manufactured by SolarJOOS, shown here in use in Santa Cruz, California.

The solar gadgets on the market today are interesting, fun, and tend to pique your curiosity about how sunlight can actually make things operate without much effort at all on your part.

How about a solar radio or sound system?  There are radios outfitted with speakers and solar panels so that all you have to do is make sure the radio’s solar panels are facing direct sunlight and you can enjoy your favorite tunes no matter where you are!  Take it camping, on a picnic, or out to the lake – as long as you can get a radio station signal, you’ll be tapping your foot in no time.

Wearing a solar watch means you won’t have to worry about buying batteries as often (or at all if you have a lot of sun where you live).  Solar watches have tiny solar panels that can soak up the sunlight and deliver the time to you in digital format, voila, just like that.

Do you own an iPhone?  You’ve probably looked at a lot of different styles of cases to keep it safer and cleaner, right?  What would you think of a rugged iPhone case that would not only protect your phone, but charge it as well?  Look for solar cases that have built-in solar panels that will charge your phone using sunlight.

Smartphone owners also have the choice of powering up their phone using small portable solar panels that plug into their phone and use direct sunlight to recharge the batteries.

Can your computer mouse battery last for three years without changing it out?  A solar computer mouse battery has the potential of lasting for up to three years by using solar energy to power up the battery!  Match a solar mouse up with a solar keyboard and you’re using the sunlight to power both gadgets at the same time.

Solar birdbaths are a wonderful addition to any garden or back yard.  They have built-in solar panels that soak up the sun’s energy, which in turn operates the fountain in the middle of the birdbath – this helps keep the water in the bath clean and sparkling.  The birds will find it more attractive and come visit more often!

The soft glow from solar lights is the perfect way to illuminate a deck, sidewalk, porch, pool, pond, or garden.  These lights come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can find one that’s perfect for your decorating tastes.  Float a few in the pond or water feature, line your walk with a few stake-style solar lamps, or illuminate the garden with Tiki-style lights that will cast just the right glow for a relaxing summer evening.

There is some amazing technology available in the area of solar gadgets these days, so why not get started going green in small ways and see how you like it?  You may find yourself falling in love with solar energy pretty quickly!

M.S. Rochell enjoys discovering simple and affordable ways to go green by using solar energy in daily life.

Photo credit: Creative Commons Wikimedia