Cummings Center Teams with NESL for Renovation

July 12, 2012

On July 1, 2012 Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate Cummings Center’s corporate campus’ new solar installation and energy conservation technologies. The Center is located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Governor Patrick endorses green power and his administration has been working to make Massachusetts a vanguard of green living community models, announced,

“I stand before you proudly to endorse Cummings Center and the whole Cummings organization for their exceptional business stewardship.”

The ceremony showcased NESL Technologies.

Since 2005, NESL has specialized in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of solar PV products and in 2010 it opened its first North American office, NESL-USA, Inc.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our customers,” said Alex Liu, President of NESL USA. “Our products are solid and perform extremely well as high quality panels, although we seek to do more than just sell. Each of our clients presents us with unique requirements and limitations. In order to meet these demands we have to adapt and modify, and in the process, we open the doors to new methods of implementation and innovation. In the end, our customer’s success is our success.”

Cummings Center Garage and Bridge

Their newest client being Cummings who has a long history of recycling and preserving historic structures. With this NESL renovation of the Center, Cummings now has one of the world’s largest industrial plant restorations and recycling projects to add to its resume.

Cummings Center was hailed by The Wall Street Journal in 1997 as “the single most important concrete landmark in this country.” It was originally the 2 million square foot headquarters of the United Shoe Machinery Corporation. Now as a corporate campus it consists of a business center, fitness center, coffee shops and bank branches.

“For this project, Cummings Properties needed a top quality module that would fit a specially engineered racking system,” states Gary Gresh, Sustainability Manager at Cummings. “NESL was able to provide its high efficiency mono modules with custom mounting points engineered into the frame to fit our design needs. NESL really went the extra mile to save us time while still delivering an attractively priced product.”

The Center has received three Energy Star Awards for “green” office and laboratory buildings. It now consists of efficient light fixtures, gas burners and an electric car charging station.

The Cummings Center corporate campus is a positive example of what can become of abandoned or ruined industrial parks that are no longer economical in today’s environment.

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Jennifer Shockley

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