More Info on the Dirty Side of Cotton

July 3, 2012

After posting yesterday’s guest article from Lynn Maleh concerning ecological alternatives to harmful fabrics, I learned much I didn’t know beforehand about the negative sides of raising cotton, especially involving the use of pesticides. Following publication, we received this email from Becky Striepe, IM site director for Crafting a Green World. Please read the accompanying posts she has provided.

Hey Glenn!

Great piece! The problems with conventional cotton are myriad and spreading the word about this is one of my pet issues. I don’t know if you want to add more to this piece, but at CAGW we’ve talked about the problem with conventional cotton and some alternative options:

Not only is conventional cotton bad for the environment, but it’s bad for people, especially Indian cotton farmers. We wrote a piece about this not too long ago over at CAGW:

Hope you’re having a great holiday week!

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Thanks, Becky, for helping spread the word about this material most of us thought was good!

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