CSU’s Glass ‘Energy Chamber’ Seeks LEED Silver

July 3, 2012

Colorado State University (CSU) in Ft. Collins, Colorado hired architectural firm Studiotrope to design the expansion of the Morgan Library with a modern glass cube student study space.

The University is requiring that a minimum LEED silver accreditation be attained. With the glass cube, this requirement demands more specific attention than other LEED accredited projects since glass is not traditionally the most efficient material selection.

“Coined the ‘Energy Chamber,’ this primary space will be an aesthetically impressive, iconic study venue that gives students and faculty a strong sense of connectivity to each other and to the CSU campus.”

Model of Energy Chamber

The ‘Energy Chamber’ consists of a 2-story, 24 ft. x 45 ft. western facing curtain wall which will allow extreme amounts of sunlight and glare into the library, making it not student/study friendly if the glass is not addressed correctly.

Studiotrope and CSU have decided to use high tech-glazing technologies from SAGE called SageGlass. Matt Edmonds, project manager at Studiotrope states,

“SageGlass does a fantastic job of solving the direct western solar exposure issues.”

SageGlass is the most effective solar control system that was tried. It can darken or clear automatically or manually to meet specific interior uses. It was chosen because it was the most efficient system and the most elegant solution that allowed control of the sunlight without blocking it, such as blinds.

3D Concept

CSU wanted the addition to showcase sustainability and efficiency while also reflecting the virtues of an open and safe campus. With the commitment and research that Studiotrope has put in to the project and the technologies that SAGE has produced, the ‘Energy Chamber’ will definitely