Published on June 20th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers


Taking a Closer Look at Zero Energy Concept Building

Lakefront Station is an architectural design study, based on a competition brief for a multi-modal transportation center, which would re-establish Cleveland as an important rail hub in Ohio for travel throughout the Midwest, and to cities on the East Coast. Transportation center design for the Twenty First Century must lead the way in establishing a sustainable future by producing as much energy as they use, through on-site renewable resources and efficient use of “green” building technologies. Lakefront Station is a step in the direction of developing Zero Energy Concept Building.

My thanks to Rollin White for sending this message to GBE concerning zero energy concept building (ZECB), a description and concept with which we should all be familiar as we advance forward in this century. 

All concerned with developing the practice of Green Building Design should engage in the process of flushing out a definition for Zero Energy Concept Building (ZECB) as a set of building design guidelines. Architects and builders have begun to recognize that ZECB is central to the future of our profession. Currently, there isn’t a definition for ZECB. Furthermore, the measuring science doesn’t exist. The National Institute of Standards and Testing has been conducting conferences over the past 4 years in an effort to flush out a system. One concept under consideration is “Whole Building Metrics”. A website has been set up to advance the cause of defining ZECB. There are two pages on the website; the HOME page illustrates an example of a ZECB and on the second page is a draft definition for ZECB. Links to support conclusions backed up by 3 years research are highlighted throughout both pages. All interested in advancing the cause of sustainable design are encouraged to visit, review, and comment on this effort to develop a formula for constructing ZECB. Here’s the link.


Photo: ZECB


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