Warburg House: Building an Energy Efficient Home for Under $100,000

June 1, 2012

This is a nice study of an energy efficient home that was built for less than $100,000. Enjoy the view.

“Seeking to architecturally balance the functional, the handsome, the efficient, and the economical is not an easy task; but this was the brief provided for the Warburg house. The question posed by the client was simple: can we provide a simple, contemporary, and energy efficient home for less than $100,000?

“On a wooded Canadian farmstead, the new house replaces a dwelling that was no longer able to fulfill its function due to build quality and the strains of a working farm. The architectural concept was simple: open, flexible, and efficient.

Architects: bioi – Jordan Allen, Ryan Trefz

Location: Warburg, Alberta, Canada

Completed: 2012

Client: N. Bannerman / L. Jehn

Project Area: 748 sq.ft. (69.5 sq.m.)

Engineers: Rob Marriott [Structure], VerdaTech [Services]

Photographs: Alison Andersen, Bioi

Source: archdaily



Glenn Meyers

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