Perspectives on the Geothermal Energy Association Showcase in DC

May 29, 2012

There is a considerable amount of useful information available from this Clean Technica post on last week’s Geothermal Energy Association Washington D.C. conference. Keep this information nearby because we are certain to hear more news in the coming decade on geothermal energy.

[repostus hash=b2f03257f52ade6d82ddb9b10893d141 title=Perspectives+on+the+Geothermal+Energy+Association+Showcase+in+DC host=Clean+Technica short=1cTY0 snip=The+fourth+annual+GEA+International+Geothermal+Energy+Showcase+concluded+Wednesday%2C+May+23%2C+in+Washington+DC.+The+conference+featured+countries+and+projects+in+6+different+regions+of+the+world%3A+Asia+and+the+Pacific%2C+Europe%2C+Turkey%2C+Latin+America%2C+the+Caribbean%2C+and+East+Africa.+Presentations+by+corporate%26hellip%3B jump=2]



Glenn Meyers

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