Leading Green Hybrid Cars for Gas Mileage

April 22, 2012

Eureka! In honor of Earth Day, shopautoweek.com analyzed the crowded green-car market to list leading gasoline-powered hybrids that offer more than 40 mpg each.

With the current average price for a gallon of gas hovering near the $4 mark, such a list might be refreshing top have on hand. According to the automobile website, while eliminating fuel consumption sounds like the ideal choice, all-electric vehicles may not be practical for everyone just yet. Plug-in hybrids are a viable option, but the sticker price may be a bit high for some. Hybrid vehicles, however, are an easy step in the green direction.

“If you’re looking for something that sips gasoline for both city and highway driving, there are several 2012 model hybrids with impressive fuel economy that can help you save significantly year round without too much of an investment up front or changing your driving habits drastically,” says this website’s associate editor Angie Fisher.

Here are some of the leading vehicles on this hybrid MPG list, targeting annual fuel costs under $1500:

  1. Toyota Prius C: 50 mpg combined, $1,200 annual fuel cost.
The Toyota Prius family is synonymous with fuel efficiency, making green cars mainstream with the Prius debut more than a decade ago. Now, in addition to the Prius hatchback, the lineup grows to include a larger Prius V wagon, a Prius plug-in and the subcompact Prius C. Prius vehicles aren’t known for fun driving dynamics but are better suited for someone seeking class-leading fuel economy.
  2. Honda Civic hybrid: 44 mpg combined, $1,350 annual fuel cost
The Honda Civic hybrid is a fun-to-drive sedan that is fuel efficient, sporty and stylish. In addition to the hybrid gas/electric engine, the Civic comes in standard gasoline and natural gas versions, and all achieve nearly 40 mpg highway or better.
  3. Lexus CT 200h: 42 mpg combined, $1,400 annual fuel cost
Based on the Toyota Prius, the Lexus CT 200h is a performance-oriented hybrid. The luxury automaker took America’s most well-known hybrid and made improvements to the ride handling. It’s still a hybrid, so don’t expect a jaw-dropping 0-to-60-mph time, but it is a stylish and sporty option for hybrids.

For the complete list of 40-mpg vehicles, visit the shopautoweek website.

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Source: Business Week



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