Infographic: How Green is the iPad?

For those who enjoy facts, figures, and such detailed information, this infographic from Sortable addressing the green footprint of the popular iPad may prove disconcerting, especially for all of those who swear by them.

While iPad looks as if it is being targeted by this infographic (Sortable, nonetheless, seems more than willing to sell them), we must note that most portable information products – including our much-beloved mobile phones – leave behind a similar trail of potential e-waste and CO2 emissions along the production chain. Perhaps newer tablets will prove to be far greener and more sustainable.

Source: Sortable

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  • I would like to see comments about this – pro or con

  • Apple has taken positives steps to reduce the environmental impact of their products, but they still have a way’s to go. Consumers should know what the environmental footprint of their electronics devices are, and when possible buy products with a lower carbon impact. The goal of this infographic was to get people thinking about just that.
    Thanks for publishing it Glenn.

  • Welcome comment! The more awareness, the better.

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