Co-Sponsored “Toward a Sustainable 21st Century” Series Continues in Irvine, CA

April 16, 2012

An on-going series of conferences that is dedicated toward improving the environment and making more sustainable choices easier is the Toward a Sustainable 21st Century series, co-sponsored by multiple companies all pooling their resources to make a difference.

The companies that are in collaboration are the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine), the Newkirk Center for Science and Society, the Program in Public Health and the School of Social Ecology. They have founded this series because they believe that together they can make a bigger sustainable impact than as individual sources.

Each conference is part of four general categories in 21st sustainability; Science, Law, Governance and Special Topics. Thus far they have sponsored events such as:

  • Enhancing the Future of the California Coast
  • Preserving the Environment of the Arctic Region
  • Marine and Freshwater Conservation Law & Governance
  • Stopping the Pollution of the Planet: Priorities of Environmental Law & Health
  • Malaria in the 21st Century
  • Green Chemistry and Environmental Health
  • Global Change and Oceans
  • Cities and Global Climate Change

Last week, April 12-13, they held the latest conference entitled, “Pesticides: Domestic and International Perspectives from Science, Law and Governance.” It was co-sponsored by the UCI Law Center for Land, Environment and Natural Resources and held in Irvine, CA. This conference was dedicated to controversial issues that surround pesticide regulations and use. It was open to the public and was 10th in the series with only one more currently planned for May 3 called Communicating Science Workshops.

The series is based on,

“Significant unsolved problems of global society in the areas of marine resources conservation, and threats to ecosystem and environmental health caused by toxic chemicals and the absence of effective governance structures which promote sustainability.”

Toward a Sustainable 21st Century is a series designed to be an eye-opener for the public in regards to the many varying topics that pose a threat to a sustainable life or to ecosystems that are currently being damaged, threatened and even permanently destroyed. This is a wake-up call, the next step is up to the individuals that are going to the seminars and conferences to actually make a difference in a more sustainable environment as is being promoted by the series.

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Jennifer Shockley

Jennifer is originally from Colorado and has recently moved back from Michigan. She is finishing up her Master’s degree in Architecture. She is currently focusing on urban planning and sustainable design and hopes to gain employment at a design firm specializing in these areas. Jennifer also has writing experience serving as an editor for her school newspaper and college magazine. Jennifer has two cats named Prada and Dior-aptly named after her shoe obsession. You can follow Jennifer on twitter @jenshock81.