US Retakes #1 Spot in Clean Energy Investment in 2011

Good news comes from Joshua Hill at Clean Technica on clean energy investments in the US – we’ve regained the world’s number-one spot! Graphic credit: agm92

[repostus hash=cc00cf5002cf6d60b9864ff9ee39f582 title=US+Retakes+%231+Spot+in+Clean+Energy+Investment+in+2011 host=Clean+Technica short=19dg0 snip=%C2%A0+New+research+on+clean+energy+financing+in+the+Group+of+Twenty+%28G-20%29+nations+released+by+The+Pew+Charitable+Trusts+shows+that+investment+grew+to+a+record+%24263+billion%C2%A0in+2011%2C+a+6.5+percent+increase+over+the+previous+year%2C+with+the+United+States+beating+out+China+in+the+race+to+secure+private+clean%26hellip%3B]

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