IKEA and American Forests Plant 2 Million Trees

Many companies are implementing programs and standards dedicated to decreasing their impact on the environment but some companies are going above and beyond that and also giving back to the environment more than they use of it.

IKEA is such a company and with its partnership with American Forests they are making an incredible contribution to the environment. They have implemented a Plant a Tree Program and have successfully donated more than $2 million and planted 2 million trees across America since 1998.

 “Thanks to American Forests and IKEA US customers, we are celebrating the planting of 2 million trees across America. We are pleased to be able to make a difference in helping to restore hundreds of ecosystems, habitats and forests, while having cleaner air, drinking water, and reducing CO2 pollution,” said Mike Ward, President, IKEA US.

The trees are planted in locations specified by American Forests.

IKEA has also implemented many sustainable practices in their company:

  • Working towards using all wood for their products from certified forests that are responsibly managed
  • Placing higher demands on suppliers of wood
  • They have their own Group Forestry specialists
  • They use forest tracing technologies
  • Sustainable production of their catalogs
  • They have seen the FSC-certified wood increase from 15.8 percent to 16.2 percent (This percentage increase is equivalent to approximately 55,000 loaded timber trucks of certified wood sourced)
  • Annual reviews to measure environmental progress such as energy and waste reductions
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by their means of packaging and shipping products

All of these changes from one company are inspiring. It shows what dedication can do in a short amount of time, not only lessening their own impact but improving the environment for everyone. This is the beginning of a commercial-retail industry sustainable ‘Cinderella’ story and the glass slipper has roots and provides oxygen for us all.

Resources: IKEA and Business Wire

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  • We all need to be as tree conscious as possible in this age of global warming! Congrats to IKEA.