Campus Bike Transit Program from OBS Looks Promising

March 30, 2012

First Reported in Clean Technica

With everybody now in a spring’s swing, the time seems perfect for college students to make new green plans for going from place to place. As such, On Bike Share is joining the gig, announcing an affordable campus bike share system that’s designed to “make bicycling an integral part of college and corporate campus transportation.”

On Bike Share (OBS) is in the midst of deploying a comprehensive biking solution for campuses by automating bike fleets. As OBS puts it, campuses design and configure a system to meet their sustainability needs. The OBS system then makes implementation, maintenance, and tracking fast and easy through a series of innovations designed specifically for campus environments.

“Campuses are always looking for ways to be more green,” said David Boyce, OBS co-founder in a news release. “The On Bike Share system delivers an alternative transportation solution in a safe and cost-effective way, while at the same time tracking how often the bikes are being used, and ensuring that the system remains in good working order.”

The OBS system uses key locking technology, back-end software, and innovative chainless technology, operations maintenance costs are lowered. Registered users can remove the OBS chainless bike from the locking system using their ID card. The bike’s unique integrated lock offers riders the convenience of taking the bike where they need to go and the ability to lock it to any standard bike rack.

The chainless technology is a plus, too. OBS bikes use technology from Dynamic Bicycles, and key locking innovation from Morse Watchmans. Boyce adds, “With over 90 percent of all bike maintenance costs attributed to chain and derailleur systems, our customers will benefit from the advantages that chainless bikes provide.”

OBS will launch new systems in spring 2012. Happy spring pedaling.

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