IdaTech Fuel Cell System Provides Backup Power for California Telecom Site

Power System Uses Renewable Fuel

For those wondering about practical applications for fuel cells that run on renewable fuel, take a look at IdaTech. Last October, the manufacturer of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products announced the first use of Bio-HydroPlus renewable fuel, a liquid fuel mixture of bio-methanol (62 percent methanol) and de-ionized water.

According to the company, IdaTech’s ElectraGe fuel cell systems have been developed specifically to provide backup power for the telecom market when loss of grid occurs. The telecom company, T-Mobile watched the backup power fuel cell quietly run and deliver 5,000 watts of clean power.

The availability of renewable fuel – in this case, methanol – was good news for IdaTech. The Bend, OR-based company worked extensively with bio-methanol suppliers to develop the fuel.  As part of the deal, customers can qualify to receive government incentives associated with the renewable Bio-HydroPlus.  Renewable fuel is required for participation in the California rebate program.

This You Tube video shows the installation of the fuel cell. 

Photos: IdaTech


Groupon deal gives Winter WonderFest chills

Chicago Sun-Times December 16, 2010 Groupon?ˆ™s storied collective buying power has melted a bit of the revenue at Navy Pier?ˆ™s annual Winter WonderFest, though pier officials think the event will turn a profit by its Jan. 2 end.

Navy Pier partnered with the Chicago-based discount website, offering in November $9 Winter WonderFest wristbands for admission through Dec. 17. Without the promotion, the wristbands cost $18.

More than 7,500 Groupons were snatched up, but the business?ˆ™ standard 50-50 split with Navy Pier means at this point while attendance is up 12 percent, revenue is down 8 percent, or roughly $420,000, said Mark Thompson, Navy Pier?ˆ™s senior director of marketing. this web site groupon dallas see here groupon dallas

Of the $9 spent on each wristband, Groupon received $4.50 and Navy Pier received $4.50.

This is the third time Navy Pier has used Groupon. Thompson said he was interested in renegotiating the 50-50 split if the two teamed up again.

?ˆ?I?ˆ™d like to make sure when we are selling a ticket we can get the most out of it,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?I would have to sit down and talk to Groupon and see where they are flexible.?ˆ?

?ˆ?If Mark?ˆ™s team wants to crate a new deal structure or revenue split they?ˆ™re certainly welcome to do that in the future,?ˆ? she wrote. ?ˆ?It?ˆ™s not anything out of the ordinary.?ˆ?

Thompson said about two-thirds of attendance at the festival typically happens after Dec. 17, the day the promotion expires.

?ˆ?In the end I don?ˆ™t think it will end up costing us,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?Those additional 12 percent are spending more money at restaurants and other [Pier] attractions.?ˆ?

Mayor Daley was on hand Dec. 2 to help kick off the Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier. Attendance is booming, but revenue is not after a Groupon deal. | John H. white~sun-times

Metropolitan State Announces New Education Center for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

Computer Weekly News August 6, 2009 Construction has begun on a 65,000-square-foot Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center on the Brooklyn Park campus of Hennepin Technical College. It is a partnership between Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), and Hennepin Technical College and will provide administrative, classroom, forensics and skills development facilities for students pursuing associate, baccalaureate and graduate education in law enforcement and criminal justice.

“Crime and public safety continue to be important issues for this region,” said Ginny Lane, Executive Director, Metropolitan State University School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. “The interest in law enforcement careers saw an increase after 9/11 and remains strong today. The new education center will help students emerge better equipped to deal with the complex law enforcement and criminal justice challenges of today, which often include a combination of analytical and communication skills.” The $18 million center, which will be owned by Metropolitan State University, will house collaborative programming for law enforcement, criminal justice, fire and first responder programs. MCTC will host the skills component of the overall law enforcement program on behalf of all participating colleges. The center will include: 12 “smart” or digital classrooms to create new opportunities in interactive learning by integrating computer and audio-visual technologies. The classrooms will contain projectors for showing computer data or video images, sound systems and Internet connections, in addition to traditional audio-visual equipment. A forensic lab to teach students how to identify evidence and link it to a suspect, a victim or a crime scene. Currently, the schools do not have a forensic lab for students. Scenario-based training and simulation areas, enabling students to practice their skills in a real-life setting, including a two-story building, a home and a bar. “Hogan’s Alley,” for example, will be an outdoor simulation area with a storefront bank and other businesses. Moveable walls will create a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Two indoor target ranges for firing practice. One will consist of eight straight lanes, the other will enable students to shoot in an arc up to 180 degrees, including from a squad car. While the ranges will use lead-free bullets, the center also will collect and recycle air and propellant waste so that no harmful materials are discharged into the environment. It is the first firing range in the state to incorporate this “green” procedure. An outdoor tactical area for learning traffic stop procedures. web site hennepin technical college

$14 million in funding has been received from the state of Minnesota and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities bonding appropriation. An additional $2 million was funded by Metropolitan State University and MCTC. A fundraising campaign will seek additional contributions when the center is complete in the fall of 2010.

To announce the new Education Center, a special ceremony will be held at the site on July 29, from 3 to 4 p.m., with Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson as a keynote speaker. “The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center will be a valuable asset for the law enforcement community,” said Swanson. “This state-of-the-art facility will provide training and support for generations of citizens committed to promoting public safety through law enforcement.” Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and Hennepin Technical College together teach the majority of law enforcement and criminal justice students attending college in Minnesota or seeking certification and continuing education. “The new facility will enable a wide range of collaboration in emergency response planning,” said Lane, “whether that involves a terrorist attack, a tornado or a medical pandemic.” “We are pleased to provide construction jobs for Minnesota workers at a time when the economy is in a slump,” said Lane. “At the same time, we believe we will have a measurable impact on public safety for years to come.” About Metropolitan State University Metropolitan State University (, a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, provides high-quality, affordable academic and professional degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. It is the only state university in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. see here hennepin technical college

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