PV Pavilion Completed on Campus of Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

February 17, 2012

Social space with solar external skin designed by architects Ortner + Ortner Baukunst has been created with 4-meter solar modules from Odersun AG.


A 35-meter-long photovoltaic pavilion adds the finishing touch to the campus of Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and is to be used as a space for social events, brainstorming ideas and presentations. Odersun solar modules cover the whole building. Made from 25 mm-thick break-proof security glass, the PV modules act as façade elements and were specially developed and manufactured for this project.

The idea of integrating the green building concept into the redesign of the campus site was part of the project from the outset. Architects Ortner + Ortner Berlin developed this idea in conjunction with students from the University of Applied Sciences and module manufacturer Odersun which specialises in solar architecture.

“In addition to high design standards for the solar modules, the project primarily called for flexibility with regard to size, design and construction of the PV solution,” says Manfred Ortner of Ortner + Ortner, explaining the challenging nature of the project. “Not only does Odersun produce a huge variety of modules, but they also showed themselves to be adaptable over the course of the project during which the requirements were continually changing,” he adds.

Odersun manufactured the project-specific modules and was involved in a supportive capacity in the electrical concept and the construction planning.

Thin-film solar modules such as those produced by Odersun are particularly suitable for use in building-integrated photovoltaics because they offer very good yields even in shade and at high temperatures, and even if they are not optimally aligned to the sun.


Photo: Odersun